Beauty Essentials


I admit it I think I am a beauty connoisseur, or at least I try to be.  I love makeup, and for the most part I wear some type of makeup every day.  Whether it be a tinted moisturizer, or just mascara.  I like to try new types of makeup and experiment every once in a while. But for my everyday makeup routine, here are my favorite beauty products.

All skin is different but for me I have oily somewhat acne prone skin which luckily has cleared up from my teenage years, but I still get the occasional break out.  To start, I wash my face and use a non oily face moisturizer.  Before applying any makeup to my face I use a face primer.  I have not found a huge difference in more expensive face primers from cheaper ones.  Right now I am using NYX face primer.  When I don't want a lot of coverage on a typical day I will just wear my Nars tinted moisturizer (2.) and my Laura Mercier concealer (10.). To apply, I personally like to use makeup brushes.  

Unfortunately for me, I used to love tanning as a teenager and in college.  So I have a lot of discoloration and freckles on my face from years in the tanning bed.  If I could go back that is something I would definitely tell my younger self to stay out of the sun!  I do still like a sun kissed glow to my medium skin tone every once in a while, but instead I use self tanner to get the same result.  My favorite is Tarte which comes in both wipes and a bottle. Wearing my tinted moisturizer, or a light BB cream on my face will usually correct my discoloration but I don't mind having more full coverage so I will apply powdered foundation as well.  I love my Lorac baked porefection powder (3.).  It's light enough on my face that I don't feel like I'm wearing a lot of makeup but heavy enough to give me the perfect amount of coverage I need.  I usually like more of a bronze glow on my cheeks.  I will sometimes wear a light pink blush, but my favorite bronzer is this Two Faced chocolate soleil matte bronzer (6.).  It smells like chocolate too!  

For my eyes, first I use this Two Faced eye primer (4.).  It gives your shadow a much better look.  No creasing, or fading.  The end result looks great!  There are so many great shadows out there.  Since I have dark hair and dark eyes I stick close to brown palettes.  My go to is this palette.  For eyeliner, I love a dark black line.  This Rimmel London pencil (7.) is my favorite hands down, and the eye primer makes the line not smudge.  I also use this calvin klein liquid eyeliner if i want a thinner line or if I'm making a cat eye.  For my eyebrows, I use this anastasia brow powder(1.).  I'm obsessed.  This little compact will last a very long time because a little goes a long way.  I add mascara last.  I have used a variety of mascaras.  For me, it's more about the wand.  I also like a jet black color.  Here's a tip a friend told me:  Add a few drops of contact solution to a mascara tube if it starts to dry out or get clumpy.  It will thin the mascara, and you will get more use out of it.

Lastly for my lips I use this melted lip stain (8.).  It's close to my natural lip color which I like for an everyday look.  I usually prefer lip stain or matte lip stick rather than gloss.  Not as messy!  To help with my oily skin I use this urban decay makeup setting spray (9.) which is one of my favorite things!  After putting on all of my makeup I give myself a few sprays and I'm good to go!  It makes your makeup last all day, and if you use the oil control spray that Urban Decay also makes it helps oil prone skin like mine stay fresh and not greasy.  Another way to set your makeup is to use this invisible powder (5.) from two faced which also gives you a little extra glow.  

I'm always looking for suggestions on new beauty secrets.  What are your favorite beauty products and makeup tips?  


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