While the rest of the country is enjoying the beautiful Fall weather good ol' Texas is still in summer mode.  I'm hopeful though that my favorite season will be coming soon... with the 10 degree drop from yesterday, we are now sitting in the low 80's!  Womp womp. Missing the changing colors of the midwest right about now.  This look may be a little cooler for the non south, so changing up the length of the romper would be a good idea, but for the look of the day here's styling a romper from day to night.  

Day: Keep the romper casual by layering with a light jacket.  Loving the blown up print on this bomber jacket, and what a steal only $30 bucks!  While I'm on the go I like to wear sneakers, but you could always mix it up with your favorite ankle biker boot, or loafer which are all perfect for Fall.  A nude lip gloss, and you're ready for the day!

Night: To add more structure to my night time look, I paired the romper with this fitted white blazer.  An oversized blazer would look great with this as well but make sure you don't go too long on the length if you're keeping the romper short.  With a dark lip, and a closed toe sandal you are ready to hit the town. 


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