Walks with Bronx


How cute is he? Meet Bronx our 2 year old rottweiler-beagle-hound that we rescued from the Humane Society as a little puppy. He is the sweetest dog; always all smiles! One of my favorite parts of the day is Bronx and my daily walk downtown, or if we're feeling more adventurous, hikes in various parks and nature preserves.  He is still a ball full of energy even two years later. Luckily we have a dog park next to our apartment complex where he gets lots of play time with other dogs, but we still like getting at least one half hour to an hour walk every day.  It also counts towards my exercising for the day if I can't get to the gym.  And honestly I'm not a huge gym fan unless I'm taking some type of class.  Here are some of our essentials for our daily walks including treats for Bronx, and his favorite frisbee when we find some open fields to play.


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